Open Datasets
Theodoros Ploumis, Fotis Dimanidis, Modestos Kaffes
Περίληψη Λειτουργικότητας Εφαρμογής: 

"Where is the data?"

In fact there is a lot of data available around but it's not open, it's hidden etc. Sometimes data needs to be created from scratch and this is the case where every single one of us can contribute.

Using opendatasets you will be able to collect, manage, manipulate and export open data to several open data hubs such as CKAN, TheDataTank etc.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά: 

Get and import data from common resources such as files, user forms and API calls.

Organizing open data might be a hard proccess. Large sets of raw data need to be served in a useful way.

Send or synchronize datasets with popular datahubs such as CKAN using modern methods.

With OpenDatasets you can:

  • Get data straight from the citizens
  • Create mobile and web apps using RESTful API
  • Sync datasets with popular data hubs




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